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Welcome to our Governors’ section


Who are we?

Our Governing Body is made up of 12 people, drawn from different parts of the community, including parents, staff, the local authority and the wider community.  Everyone brings their own skills, perspective and experiences to ensure we have a diverse team.


What are we responsible for?

  • offering a strategic view of the running of the school by reviewing and agreeing policies, targets and priorities and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives;
  • accountability to parents and the wider community.  We must gather views, ask questions and decide what is best for the school;
  • supporting and challenging the headteacher (critical friend) through a mutual relationship of trust and respect. The Governing Body works with the headteacher to create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing a school.


We do this by holding regular meetings as a whole Governing Body and in committees.  The headteacher regularly updates us on all aspects of school life and we make regular monitoring visits linked to the School Improvement Plan.


Curriculum Committee

This committee receives reports on the progress and attainment of all children across the school and  vulnerable groups.  Governors receive subject reports from staff who come to meetings to share information as well as look at progress towards areas of the School Improvement Plan which fall within the curriculum remit. In a recent structural change, this committee has absorbed the responsibilities of the Community Committee i.e. to look at attendance and absence issues, health and well-being and engagement with parents and the wider community. 


Resources Committee

Governors on this committee discuss and share information linked to finance and the school budget as well as personnel. Again in a recent structural change, this committee absorbed the remit of the Premises Committee i.e. concerns with health and safety of the children and people in school as well as health and safety linked to the buildings and grounds.



Please find below details of how our Governing Body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

Governors' Details for Academic Year 2019 - 2020
Name Category App't by Length of Office End of term Responsibilities  
Kate Armond



GB 4 17.09.2023    
Karen Bean Parent Parents 4 12.12.2020

SEND Governor

David Bentley


GB 4 16.10.2021 Health & Safety  
Monique Clark Headteacher     - Safer Recruitment trained  
Linda Cullen Co-opted GB 4 25.09.2021

Chair of the GB

Forum Representative

Health and Well being Governor

James Dumbelton Co-opted GB 4



Hannah Hall Parent Parents 4 08.03.2021

Vice Chair of GB



John Hatter

Parent Parents 4 14.11.2023    
Linda McBrearty Clerk - - - -  
Frances O'Sullivan Parent Parents 4 14.11.2023    
Jenny Roberts LA LA 4 24.11.2022

Safer Recruitment trained

Safeguarding Gov


Stephanie Watson Co-opted GB 4 28.01.2023 Development and Training  


Register of Governors' Interests for the Academic Year 2019/2020


Name Name of business Nature of business Nature of interest Date of app't or acquisition Date of cessation of interest Date of entry
Kate Armond Employed at school     Sept 2016   11.09.2019
Karen Bean Nil         11.09.2019
David Bentley Nil     April 2017   11.09.2019
James Dumbelton Nil         11.09.2019
Monique Clark Employed at school     Sept 2017   11.09.2019
Linda Cullen Nil         11.09.2019
Hannah Hall Nil         11.09.2019
Linda McBrearty            
Salmaan Nasser Nil         11.09.2019
Jenny Roberts Nil         11.09.2019
John Hatter Nil         19.11.19
Frances O'Sullivan Nil         19.11.19



Governor Attendance Record For the Academic Year 2019/2020

                      Full Governing Body                                   

Name Should have attended Attended %
Kate Armond 10 8 80%
Karen Bean 10 10 100%
David Bentley 10 9 90%
James Dumbelton 6 6 100%
Monique Clark 11 10 91%
Linda Cullen 11 10 91%
Hannah Hall 9 9 100%
Jenny Roberts 9 8 89%
Stephanie Watson 9 9 100%
Frances O'Sullivan 7 7 100%
John Hatter 7 6 100%
Dawn Harrison 5 4 80%

Pen Portraits


Kate Armond

My name is Kate Armond and I was elected staff governor in September 2019. I have been a teacher at the school for four years and am currently teaching in Year 2 and have previously taught in reception. My passion is ensuring all children reach their full potential through engaging and inspiring learning opportunities. As the music subject leader at the school I  also aim to ensure all children experience opportunities to perform and learn different musical instruments during their time at the school. In my spare time I enjoy taking long walks with my dog, going to the beach and following new cooking recipes. 


Karen Bean

My name is Karen Bean and I was elected to be a Parent Governor in December 2016. I am Chair of the Resources Committee. Whilst I am currently a full time mother, my background is in health economics and evidenced based medicine looking at cost effectiveness, efficiency opportunities and budget impact. I hope to bring these skills to my role as a governor.

I have three children, one of whom is currently in Year 2, another one who started in September 2018 and the final one hopefully starting in 2019. As a result I am hugely invested in seeing that the high standards of the school are maintained. I have lived in Fleet for the last 19 years and love the area. In my spare time (!) I enjoy playing netball, running and reading.


David Bentley

I was elected to Staff Governor in October 2017 and I sit on the Resources committee.
I am principally retired although I work part time as a lunchtime supervisor at the school.  My background is working as a NHS Risk Manager as well as 22 years in the military. I lived in Church Crookham for the last three years and I am also chairman of Fleet and Church Crookham Society.  I have four young grandchildren and take a genuine interest in their schooling and education and I am very keen to ensure t

he children at Fleet Infant School have the best opportunities, particularly in terms of the facilities the school has to offer.



Monique Clark

My name is Monique Clark and I am the Headteacher of Fleet Infant School. I have served as a Governor in several schools and as a Parent Governor at my daughter’s secondary school a few years ago. The role of the Headteacher is to work with the Governing Body on the strategic development of the school. I believe children thrive in a stimulating learning environment, where they can grow through challenge and a love of learning.

I have two older children, one who works in animal welfare and the other lives in Japan. My hobbies include taking long walks with my husband and our dog Bailey, and visits to the seaside.



Linda Cullen

My name is Linda Cullen and I was co-opted to the Governing Body in July 2017 and I am the Chair of Governors and sit on the Resources and Curriculum Committees.

I have worked in banking and finance for over 35 years and currently hold the position of Chief Operating Officer for a small financial institution in London. I hope my financial and business skills will add value to the Governing Body.

I have lived in Fleet for 26 years and my daughter attended Fleet Infant School and is now a teacher . She is now a highly successful teacher in a local primary school.  In my spare time I enjoy walking, cookery and music.


James Dumbelton

I was elected as a Co-opted Governor in March 2020. I’ve lived in Fleet for five years now, and have a younger child at Fleet Infants and another of university age. My work has largely been in the area of pricing business services, and this has given me a wide range of skills including governance, commercial evaluation and regulatory compliance. I hope to be able to apply my experiences and skills to the role of governor for the benefit of the school. My hobbies include running and swimming, and enjoy gardening and gardens and have grown my own vegetables for over twenty years.


Hannah Hall

I became a Parent Governor at Fleet Infant School in March 2017. I am vice Chair of the Governing Body and also Chair of the Curriculum Committee. I have two children already at the school. I believe that an inspiring start to a child’s time at school should set them up with a life long passion for education as confident and curious learners and I am excited to be part of providing that for the children at Fleet Infant School. I worked as a civil servant in Central Government for seven years and bring a strong professional skillset to the Governing Body, as well as a passion to deliver the best for our children. In my spare time I'm a keen runner and also on the committee of my running club.


Dawn Harrison

My name is Dawn Harrison and I was elected as a Co-opted Governor in February 2020. I have worked in science, engineering and programme management fields within the Defence Sector for over 20 years. I currently hold the role of Deputy Programme Director for a global engineering company based in Reading. I am looking to apply my experience across resources, finance and strategy to the Governing Body and also share my passion for science! I was previously a Parent Governor at Velmead Junior for six years where I was a member of the Resources Committee.

I have lived in Fleet for 16 years and both my sons attended Fleet Infants. My youngest is now studying for his GCSEs at Calthorpe Park and my oldest son is studying for his A-levels at Farnborough Sixth Form. In my spare time I enjoy running, walking/trekking and a glass of wine.


John Hatter

I am John Hatter and was elected as a Parent Governor in November 2019.  I have lived in Fleet for four years and have one child at the school and hopefully another beginning in September 2020. I work as a Finance Director in property and facilities management and hope to bring this experience to the role of governor. In my spare time I like to run and spend time with my family.


Frances O'Sullivan

I am a mother of two boys, one currently in Year 1 and the other in Year 3. I have worked in education for twenty years, as a teacher and a Deputy Headteacher. I have previously been a Staff Governor. I am passionate about helping young people achieve their potential through education, ensuring they have the best opportunities to succeed whilst developing into caring and responsible individuals.

We recently moved to the area and love being closer to the countryside, making the most of the outdoors. I volunteer with the Scouts and am a keen swimmer and runner.


Jenny Roberts

I am Jenny Roberts and have been appointed as a Local Authority Governor for Fleet Infant School. I am chair of the Curriculum committee. I have a background in education, having taught in primary and nursery schools in this area for 30 years. I then became Local Authority Education Advisor working with Nursery and Infant schools in Berkshire. I am an accredited moderator of The Early Years Profile and continue to work in this role as a consultant.

I have now retired from full time work but I do volunteer work for the RSPB as well as taking art classes and pursuing my interest in art and dance.


Stephanie Watson

My name is Stephanie Watson and my two younger children both attended Fleet Infant School. My background is in education and I taught in primary schools in inner London for 14 years. When a vacancy arose for a co-opted governor I volunteered for the role as I wanted the opportunity to continue to help and support the school where my daughters were so happy.