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Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Presentation

Thank you to those parents who were able to make it to the presentation. If you were unable to come please find below the slides that were shared. If you have any questions please pop in and ask. Thank you.

Year 1 - Summer Term Curriculum Map 2024

Our Topic this term is 'Animals and Plants'. Below are some of the things the children will be learning this term.

Year 1 - Spring Term Curriculum Map 2024

Our Topic this term is 'Around the World'. Below are some of the things the children will be learning this term.


Welcome back to all our wonderful Year 1 children and their families. We hope you all had a lovely Summer break and enjoyed some family time. We will be starting the year with our new topic 'Enchanted Forest'. 

How can I support my child at home?


  • It is extremely important that your child uses a comfortable and efficient pencil grip, even though this may not be the same as your own. This should be the pincer grip. See picture above.
  • Help your child to practise dressing and undressing including being able to turn clothes the right way out.
  • Help your child to practise putting on his/her coat and doing/undoing the fastenings, including zips.
  • Practise cutting up food so they can use a knife and fork in the dinner hall.
  • Develop independence and thinking skills by encouraging your child to think for themselves and solve simple problems with minimal prompting
  • Play games which might involve turn taking, rolling dice or moving counters
  • Share stories together, discussing the pictures, plot and characters
  • Listen to your child read their school reading books daily and complete the reading worm.
  • Read and spell words from the Year R and Year 1 key word list
  • Practise writing your child's full name with correct letter formation and a capital letter to start.
  • Practise individual letters, starting in the correct place
  • Read, write and order numbers from 0-50 and 0-100
  • Practise mental maths toolkits, little and often, to embed skills.
  • Finding pairs of numbers that make 10 as well as other numbers e.g. 5 = 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, 5+0

Key information

Key words

In Year 1 it is expected that children will read key words on sight, or be able to fluently apply their phonics to read them.  Throughout the year children will also be learning to spell these words.  Some of these words are 'tricky words' that cannot be sounded out (e.g. said) and some of these words require the children to apply their phonics knowledge (e.g. sound). Please use the lists above (for spellings) as these  are also the words that the children will be covering in Year 1, through their phonics lessons, spelling time and the English curriculum.  It would be really helpful to practice reading a few words at a time at home too.



Your child will bring home a scheme book appropriate for their reading level in their book bag each day.  Once the book has been read either at home or school, and this has been recorded in the reading diary, your child will be able to change their book to get the next one in that particular scheme.  Thank you for your continued support in reading regularly with your child at home. 



When supporting your child with their reading, you may find it useful to refer to these sounds.  As well as the individual alphabet sounds (e.g. the 'd' sound in 'dog'), your child will also learn these digraphs (sounds with two letters) and trigraphs (sounds with three letters).

qu – queen, quick

ear – hear, dear

oe – toe, goes

ch – church, much

air – fair, pair

au – autumn, launch

sh – sheep, shop

ure – sure, cure

a_e – make, came

th – thin, with

er – corner, her

e_e – these, even

ng – sing, strong

ay – day, tray

i_e – like, time

ai – rain, sail

ou – out, cloud

o_e – home, cone

ee – feet, keep

ie – pie, tie

u_e – rule, cube

igh – light, night

ea – meat, seal

i – find, child

oa – goat, moan

oy – boy, annoy

o – cold, told

oo – book, boot

ir – girl, skirt

c – circle, central

ar – farm, chart

ue – blue, true

g – giant, ginger

or – for, torn

aw – saw, yawn

ow – blow, snow

ur – hurt, turn

wh – when, which

ie – field, chief

ow – cow, town

ph – photo, phone

ea – bread, head

oi – coin, soil

ew – new, chew

ey – donkey, monkey


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