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School Council

At Fleet Infant School we have a School Council, made up of two representatives from each class in Key Stage 1, who are chosen by their classmates and one child from each Year R class after October half term.


The School Council meets regularly and the meetings are facilitated by a teacher. The School Council works on a wide range of issues. We believe that every child has a voice in our school and that every child can contribute their ideas and opinions through their class representatives for discussion by the School Council.


The children take back suggestions and ideas to their class and report back on the best ones to the whole School Council.  These are then acted on and shared with all children through assemblies, which School Council may sometimes lead.

Focus for 2022-23

This term School Council will focus on promoting being Mentally Healthy. Here are some pictures of what School Council have been doing. You can also click on the links below to see what else School Council have been up to.




March 2023


We held an assembly to discuss our charity box idea with the rest of the school. We then conducted our own class surveys to see what type of charity each class would like to support.


We offered some choices like 

  • animal charities
  • emergency service charities such as the Air Ambulance
  • charities that support the elderly
  • charities that support children
  • homeless charities


Overall as a school we decided we want to support an animal charity. School Council met again and researched the RSPCA and WWF. From our research we chose the WWF. 


In our next meeting we will talk about how we can raise money for them. 

Feburary 2023


We have been discussing what areas in school we would like to change and improve. We have had some really exciting chats about plans for the rest of the year. 


Here were some of ideas. 

  • more homework
  • school pet
  • charity box on the front desk
  • boxes for PE kits to be bigger
  • more visits to other classrooms
  • more books for the book corner


We have decided to ask our friends about what charity they might like to support. 

January 2023


We are proud to announce our new school councillors for 2023.


The children in each class put themselves forward for nomination and then each class member was able to cast a vote as to who would represent them. Each class has two School Councillors.


Ladybird - Isabelle & Rawden

Butterfly - Rose & Kit

Dragonfly - Callum & Maisie 


Hedgehog - Huw & Clara

Fox - Maeve & Stellan

Squirrel - Raife & Tamsin


Woodpecker - Clemmie & Harrison

Robin - Lucy & Joseph

Kingfisher - Sofia & Chester



We have been busy making posters to put up in the classrooms. The posters will help children to think of ways to stay Mentally Healthy and also tell them where they can get help if they are feeling unsure about something.



This week, the children will be sharing ways to keep Mentally Healthy with their families at home. The children have each written a sentence and drawn a picture. Take a look at the pictures below to find out ways you can be more Mentally Healthy.


This week during our School Council meeting, we have helped create a display for our school on how to be Mentally Healthy. We have shared some ways to be Mentally Healthy and drawn some pictures to go with our ideas.