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School Council

At Fleet Infant School we have a School Council. This is made up of representatives from each class in Key Stage 1, who are chosen by their classmates.


The School Council meets regularly and the meetings are facilitated by a teacher. The School Council works on a wide range of issues. We believe that every child has a voice in our school and that every child can contribute their ideas and opinions through their class representatives for discussion by the School Council.


This year the School Council has worked on a number of issues.

Playtimes & Lunchtimes – The reps discussed what they felt was good/not so good about these times of the school day and also spoke to their classes. Many children wanted to play football and also it was decided to have the bikes out for children to play on at lunchtimes. The reps found that different children like to do different things so having different places/activities/toys appeals to lots of children.

Children wasting fruit and not putting skins/peel in the bins has also been discussed. Mrs Hutchison has spoken about this in assembly as requested by the reps.

Ongoing playtime/lunchtime issues identified by the reps has been discussed and fed back to classes.


Gold Book Certificates/Active Dance Certificates – discussed by the reps and agreed that a more instant reward for behaviour/effort was more encouraging. Classes consulted & decided that special stickers would be liked by children and asked Mrs Clarke if these could be ordered for teachers to award.  This is now in place and staff give stickers during active dance sessions.


Anti-bullying Assembly – the reps discussed the week held in the Autumn term. Feelings were mixed as to whether there was bullying/unkind behaviour in school. Mrs Clarke asked the school council to hold an assembly about bullying. With Mrs Hutchison the reps looked at the materials used in the Autumn term and discussed them. They spent some time thinking about what the five parts meant (Ignore, Walk Away, Talk Friendly, Talk Firmly & Report) and worked to phrase the content in more age appropriate language. Next they prepared their assembly and presented it to Years 1 & 2.


Monitoring Movement Around the School – currently the school council is working on this. They have discussed the times they consider that children do not move calmly around the building and have suggested some ideas to try to improve this behaviour. Some of the reps have watched children leaving the hall after assembly. A letter has been given to Mrs Clarke about these ideas. This will be an area for development from September too.

At the end of each school year the School Council delivers a presentation to representatives of the Goverining Body in order to share the work they have been doing over the year and to keep the governors informed about what is happening in school.
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