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Our Curriculum Intent for History


At Fleet Infant School we want all of our children to have an understanding of the past. It is important that children see how the past can affect and change their future. We want them to understand how key events and significant people from Britain and the wider world have shaped their lives today. Our aim is to deliver high-quality, engaging History lessons which encourage enquiry, chronological understanding as well as supporting children in using historical sources to make decisions about the past. 


Our History Curriculum covers a range of topics that are inspiring and motivate children to use their enquiry and thinking skills. Where possible, we aim to make links between their history learning across the whole curriculum. For example, when studying the Great Fire of London, children are given links to English, Geography, Science and DT to give the topic more context. Each unit is planned using the Hampshire six step approach where the children are given opportunities to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Our learning in action!

Year 2 - Great Fire of London

In the Autumn term, Year 2 have looked at The Great Fire of London. There was a focus on the chronology of it and also thinking about the causes and consequences of the fire itself. We were lucky to have a theatre company come in and re-enact the history of it with us! 


Year 1 - Toys Topic

The children loved playing with toys from within living memory. They were able to find out about the different materials toys have been made from and how these might have changed over time. They could see how some toys are still popular today. 


Reception - All About Me

Topic and Skills Progression 

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