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On Line Payment

At Fleet Infant School we have chosen Arbor as our management information system (MIS) provider.  A MIS is a system that helps schools collect, store, manage and use all the information they need.  Arbor is a simple, smart and cloud-based MIS, meaning the data is not physically stored in school, making Arbor super secure.  It also means you can log into Arbor to see and update your child's information or make payments and bookings yourself.  To safeguard student data in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Arbor only works directly with schools.


You will be able to use Arbor to make online payments with a debit or credit card any time 24-7, via smartphone or website.  This makes paying for school items easier and more flexible for parents and reduces the amount of cash being carried by children on school premises.


Plus, you can give online consent, where required, for your child to take part in school trips and other activities.  To make things easy, we notify parents of new items for payment by email.


All children will need an Arbor account or you can have one account for two or more children.


How to get started


  1. Wait for the email from the school telling you that Arbor is ready for you to use
  2. Click the link in your welcome email to set up your password
  3. If logging in for the first time use a laptop or computer and use Google Chrome as you browser
  4. Go to the App or Google Play Store on your phone and search for 'Arbor'
  5. Click 'Install' on Android or 'Get' on iPhone then open the App
  6. Enter the email, select the school, then enter your password
  7. Accept the Terms & Conditions and enter the birthday of your child
  8. Complete your child's registration details (including consents) to their Student Profile


Contact the school office if you have any questions about Arbor, the Arbor App or Parent Portal.  We will be able to help answer your questions.