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Welcome to Ladybird Class 2020/21!


- Class Teachers - 

Mrs Hurst (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Mrs Allaway (Friday)


- Learning Support Assistants -

Mrs Hedger, Mrs Bhogaita, Mrs Abbott, Miss Rainbird, Mrs Sharp

Our PE day is Tuesday

Please send your child in their PE kit (shorts/jogging bottoms, white t-shirt, Fleet Infant School sweatshirt and outdoor shoes).


Our library day is Tuesday

Please return your child's library book in their plastic library folder to school on Tuesdays or before if they have finished enjoying their chosen book.

Miller's Ark Mobile Farm

What a treat to have the farm coming to visit us! Esme and Tarryn brought a wide selection of animals for us to look at and we found out all sorts about what they eat, the eggs some lay and how to identify old and young animals.

Sports Day

We had great fun working as part of a team to complete different activities.

Our skills were fabulous and we cheered each other on.

Well done Ladybirds!

Traditional Tales

This half term we have been busy developing all of our skills through a key text. 

We have already used The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk to support our learning across the curriculum.


This week we have made spiral beanstalk decorations. Can you see how we have done this?


We were also set a challenge;

Using only a piece of paper, scissors and glue, make the longest beanstalk you can.

I wonder who made the longest one.....??

Whizzy Maths

This week our challenge was to select a domino and draw or write about what it shows.

We had so many different ideas - count the spots; write the total; add the spots together; make a number sentence; draw the dot pattern; practice doubles are just a few!



Our classroom

Here are a few of our classroom displays which show different aspects of our learning.


Easter Eggstravaganza

We had great fun wearing our hats to school and having an egg hunt.

At the end of the day we watched all the classes parade their hats and had a little Easter treat on the playground!

Christmas fun!

We have had a great time today with our Christmas party and lunch.

Children in Need obstacle course

We had great fun jumping, hurdling, crawling, climbing, balancing and coordinating our legs to move over, under and through different obstacles. Great effort Ladybirds!

Learning in October

This month we have had lots of fantastic learning opportunities both inside and outside.

We have continued to learn the rules and expectations and have been introduced to lots of new equipment and resources that will help us with our learning.

Learning displays

Here is some of our work displayed in the classroom.

Our first full week!


Wow! We have been sooooo busy exploring the classroom and outdoor learning areas.

Our favourite activities have definitely been Purple Mash on both the laptops and Interactive Whiteboards; small world play with animals, cars and pirates and colouring. Outside we have enjoyed using the bikes and scooters and digging in the pit with tractors and spades.

For PE this week we went down to the playground and practised our ball skills.

We practised throwing, catching, bouncing and rolling to a partner.