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At Fleet Infant School, our teaching of mathematics is based on a mastery approach in the belief that every child is capable of success.


Our Curriclum Intent for Maths

We believe that every child can achieve in maths and it is our responsibility as teachers to provide the environment and experiences to make this possible.  We believe that every child is a capable mathematician with the ability to reason and problem solve.  Problem solving and reasoning are at the heart of our curriculum, built on foundations of exploration and discovery in early years.  We encourage and teach children to make links between old and new learning experiences in order to develop fluency and build a deeper understanding of their maths.  Opportunities for reasoning, exploration and clarification are provided through talk, problem solving and guided reasoning.  At Fleet Infant School, every child in every classroom is encouraged and supported to have an “I can solve anything” attitude and to develop perseverance and resilience through the philosophy of ‘learning tools’. Our intention is that they will enjoy their learning and develop into confident and competent mathematicians.

Outdoor learning in Year 2. The children gathered as many sticks as they could in 5 minutes and then estimated how many they had collected. They then grouped their sticks into 10s and 1s so they could count accurately.

Outdoor learning in mathematics in Year 1 - The children used their bodies to create the greater than and less than signs to compare numbers when learning about place value

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Mental Maths Toolkits

These are a resource for you to work through at home, checking off each skill as your children acquire it. When you feel your child has mastered all the skills with quick recall and fluency, see your child's class teacher who will check and then give you the next Toolkit.