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Welcome to Hedgehog Class 2021-2022

Class teachers: Mrs Hutchison (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Allaway (Wednesday afternoon)

Miss Parkinson (Thursday, Friday)

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs McPherson


PE day: Wednesday & Thursday

Library: Friday

Summer Term A

This half term our overarching theme is Dinosaurs. In English we will be learning about Non-fiction writing. We will be developing our skills and applying them to produce our own non-fiction booklets about dinosaurs.

We started our learning by having a 'Dinosaur Day'. We dressed up as dinosaurs or explorers/archaeologists. We discussed what we already know about dinosaurs and what we'd like to find out. We enjoyed lots of dinosaur activities. We looked at non-fiction books, played a dinosaur facts quiz game, read dinosaur fact cards, fitted together dinosaur skeleton jigsaws, looked at pictures of fossils and fossils of dinosaur skeletons. We hunted for dinosaurs in soil using paintbrushes to carefully brush away the soil like scientists and archaeologists do and used a key to try and identify the dinosaurs we found. It was an exciting start to our learning about dinosaurs!

Spring Term B

This half term we are learning karate on Monday mornings. A specialist teacher visits school and is teaching us karate skills. We are learning kicking, punching and blocking moves. All of it is non-contact and we are having a lot of fun! 

In Maths we started our unit on Multiplication and Division by recapping and extending our knowledge about doubling. We enjoyed practical doubling using different resources outside in the sunshine as our introductory activity.

In English the children have been learning about imperative verbs to inspire their instruction writing. The children followed instructions to make a jam sandwich. Next, they wrote their own set of instructions about how to make a jam sandwich. Finally, the children wrote their own set of instructions using imperative verbs. We all enjoyed eating our sandwiches as well!

In Maths the children have been learning about subtraction. The children have used practical objects and number lines to take away and problem solve. 

In Computing the children have been learning to the use program 2paint on Purplemash. The children have made themselves familiar with the keys on the laptop and have created some pictures using different tools. 


In Science our topic is Materials. The children have been learning the names of different materials and their properties. The children have been taking part in different experiments to test materials for their suitability. We have tested what material would be best to create a parachute for Jack to feel safe climbing down the beanstalk.