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Welcome to Hedgehog Class 2022-2023

Class teachers: Mrs Hutchison (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Miss Stocker (Thursday, Friday)

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs McPherson


PE days: Monday & Wednesday

Library: Friday

Spring Term First Half

This half term the children will have Forest School on Tuesday mornings. Please refer to emails previously sent regarding clothing on Forest School days.


On Monday mornings the children will be learning Gymnastics and require a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for these lessons. Long jogging bottoms/leggings are not permitted for Health and Safety reasons. 

On Wednesday mornings the children will continue their lessons with CM Sports. They will require full PE kit, including trainers/plimsolls, for these lessons.

Long hair should be tied back for PE and earrings removed or covered.

Animal Survival

In our Science lessons this half term we are learning all about how animals survive. We found out about the characteristics of different groups of animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We sorted animals into these groups and suggested others to add to these groups too.

Our Visit to Winchester Science Centre

Year 1 had an amazing day at Winchester Science Centre! We loved exploring the hands-on science exhibits and seeing what happened.

Next we spent some time in Explorer:Space downstairs. Being an astronaut was very popular as well as exploring the other space themed exhibits.

We took part in a fantastic workshop! Grace told us about how rockets are launched and she showed us too. We saw flames and heard a whoosh!

Then we were able to decorate our own rockets using foam shapes and Grace launched them for us from a safe distance. We discussed why some of our rockets didn't go far and then made better ones that were lighter and more streamlined on the base. They all flew well and we cheered when Grace lit them and we watched how far they flew!

After a well-deserved break for lunch we then enjoyed a visit to the planetarium and watched a super show about the solar system. We found out about the stars and the planets. The chairs were very comfortable! 

Autumn Term 2nd Half

This half term the children will have PE with CM Sports on Wednesday mornings. Please ensure they have full PE kit in school including trainers/plimsolls and joggers (and a hoody if desired). We will also have our dance day this half term and the class will develop a Fireworks dance on this day.

Learning about Instructions

In English we have learnt about instruction writing. We found out that instructions help you to do something, they have to be in the correct order otherwise they may not work! We learned that instructions need bossy verbs in them to tell people what to do.

We followed Mrs Hutchison's instructions to make jam sandwiches. This was great fun and most of us really enjoyed eating the sandwich we made! Then we wrote our own instructions to make jam sandwiches. We made sure the instructions were in the correct order and told people what they would need to do to make their own jam sandwich.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we listened to different versions of the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We talked about the characters in the story and sequenced the events. Then we worked in small groups to act out the story. We thought about using our faces to show how our characters were feeling.


Autumn Term First Half

This half term the children have Forest School on Tuesday mornings. They need to bring their Forest School clothes and wellington boots to school every Tuesday.


On Mondays the children will have Gymnastic lessons. All children must wear shorts when working on the apparatus. Long jogging bottoms are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

On Wednesdays the children will have hockey lessons outside with a specialist sports teacher. 

Please ensure children come to school with long hair tied back on these days. Earrings must either be removed or taped over. 

Here is the power point shared at the Meet the Teacher meeting on 5.9.22.

Autumn Term First Half

In Science we are learning about Materials. We have learnt about the properties of different materials and have described them according to their properties.

We helped Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk find a way of escaping from the giant quickly down the beanstalk. We explored different fabrics and suggested which ones we thought would make a good fabric for a parachute for Jack. Then we tested them to find out which fabric made the best parachute.


In Geography we are learning about the seven continents and five oceans. We have looked at the globe and maps of the world and located the different continents and oceans. We have talked about the different places we have visited. We have looked at a map of the United Kingdom and found London and talked about where Fleet is. 


We are enjoying our Hockey lessons and developing our skills. Here we are practising our ball control skills!