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Welcome to Robin Class

Class teacher: Mrs Harding

Learning Support Assistant: Ms Francis 



Our Class Library Day: Friday


Our Class Spelling Day: Wednesday


This half-term our PE day is: Thursday and Friday  

Our Forest School Day: Monday




Twisted Tales 

We started this half term by listening to lots of different twisted tales. We talked about how these stories are similar and different to the traditional tale. The children then planned and wrote their own Twisted Tale based on 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' There were lots of very interesting characters including three unicorns, three monkeys and a scary, slithery anaconda! In D.T. the children then created their own moving picture using leavers and sliders to help them retell their story which they then shared with their reading buddies. 

A Special Royal Visit!


We all had an amazing time on our class trip to the SeaCity museum in Southampton. We learnt lots of interesting facts on a tour around the museum and enjoyed dressing up in different costumes of passengers and crew on board the Titanic. During a workshop we identified different objects and worked out what they might be used for. We also tried to find out how many compartments of the Titanic would need to be full of water in order to sink it and decided who would be able to board the lifeboats. It was interesting finding out that only women and children were allowed on the lifeboats although some men boarded them too. Our favourite activity was smelling different scents and matching them to the rooms on board the Titanic. The children all said the boiler room smelt disgusting and the gym smelt like smelly feet! 

It was a lovely day and we are looking forward to learning more about the Titanic this half term. 

Titanic Exhibition

We had a lovely morning sharing our Titanic work with you! The children have all learnt so many interesting facts about the Titanic and they worked really hard to create their information pages. Their artwork also looked fantastic and they used lots of different materials to create their Titanic scenes! 


Well done to everyone for making fantastic replicas of the Titanic! It was great to see them altogether and we hope you enjoyed testing whether or not they would float or sink.  

Forest School 


This half term we have been learning about fire. We learnt that fires are for warmth, light and to cook food on. All of us have started our own 'mini' fires using a flint and enjoyed warming up our hands on them! It has been fantastic to watch the children learn this skill and be so excited when they managed to start their own fires. It was quite tricky! 

Skipping Workshop! We had a great time practicing our skipping and playing games using the big, long rope!

We found a sack in our classroom filled with strange objects including a hat, parrot, eye patch and wooden leg. We guessed that these items might belong to a Pirate! 


Pirate Workshop! We had a special visit from a real life pirate who taught us about the parts of a ship, the roles of different pirates on board and we helped retell the story of Captain Redbeard!

On our Pirate Day we enjoyed becoming apart of Captain Harding's Crew and climbing aboard the Rocking Robin's Pirate Ship! We practiced talking like a pirate and enjoyed saying 'Aye, Aye Captain' and 'Shiver me Timbers'! 

We then explored what it would be like on board a pirate ship by completing different sensory activities including scrubbing the deck, tying different knots, climbing the rigging, searching for treasure in the sand and tasting salt water. We had a a lot of fun and Captain Harding didn't make us walk the plank! 



We were very surprised to find a strange box in our classroom after half-term! It had fragile and danger written on the side. We predicted what we thought might be inside and then slowly peered in and found a baby dragon! We called him Charlie and decided that we would take care of him in our classroom. 

Potions! Charlie felt very homesick and wanted to go home. He couldn't fly as he was only a baby so we made him some special magic potions using strange, mysterious ingredients.

Hockey - We are enjoying our hockey lessons this half term. We have been practicing our dribbling and passing skills.

The Great Fire of London 

This half term the children have been enjoying learning about The Great Fire of London. Our topic started with a drama company visiting us where we helped act out this historic event. We then re-created Pudding Lane from 1666 and started a fire in Thomas's bakery and watched the fire spread from house to house. The children were amazed by the fire and enjoyed using their senses to describe what what was happening. We have also looked at different artefacts and illustrations from this event to help us find out more information about the fire and about 1666. 

In English we read the story Vlad and The Great Fire of London which helped us recreate our own diaries written on 2nd September 1666.  We then read these diary entries to the class using a backdrop of London that we had created. We also used this story to help inspire us to re-create our own stories from a different animals perspective of this historic event. The children wrote some fantastic stories including pidgeons flying over the blaze, dogs jumping over burning logs and mice squeezing through tiny holes! We then read these stories to the Year 1 Children. 



Our recreation of The Great Fire of London

D.T. We created a puppet for our main character from our story and then shared our story and puppet with Year 1.