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Welcome to Robin Class

Class teachers: Mrs G Gregory (Mon-Wed) & Mrs N O'Leary (Thurs & Fri)

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs G Wish



Our Class Library Day: Thursday


Our Class Spelling Day: Wednesday


This half-term our PE days are: Wednesday and Friday





We have been really enjoying our weekly netball lessons and it has been wonderful to see the progress the children have made in only a few weeks. It has been lovely to hear the children talk to each other about how much they enjoy their lessons. 


The children have enjoyed looking at and listening to different news reports about The Great Fire of London. During one of our English lessons we thought about what makes an eye-catching headline and how to capture our audiences attention with an interesting first sentence. The children used their collaboration and listening tools to work together. 

Dragon Potions 


We had an important job to create potions to help Thunderblaze get back home. 

We thought carefully about the ingredients we needed and how we needed to mix them together. We also used adverbs to tell us how to use the ingredients. We then went on to write our own set of instructions. 

Pirate Day 

We had a wonderful day being pirates. We loved our workshop finding out about the lives of real pirates from the 'Golden Age' of piracy. We also completed jobs that pirates did on a daily basis. 


In our Computing lesson we have been learning how to program the Beebots to get to a specific destination. We have also been learning how to debug the program.  

Forest School


We have really enjoyed our forest school sessions with Miss Weinmann. We have loved investigating the animals that live in our school environment and using magnifying glasses, bug catchers and charts to identify what lives here. We have had to collaborate to build dens, move logs and make see-saws. 



What a wonderful time we have had learning about the Titanic! This topic has linked many of our subjects together. In History we have learnt about the history of the Titanic and why it was such an important ship when it launched. We have learnt about how things changed because of the sinking and why it is important to remember this significant event today. We loved our trip to the SeaCity Museum in Southampton, where we found out all about the Titanic and the impact it had on the lives of people in the local area at that time. In English we practised skimming and scanning to find out information about the Titanic and eventually made our own information pages which we shared in our Titanic Exhibition.