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Our Trip to Fleet Pond

                                                                    Science Week

We have had a fantastic week experimenting and investigating colour in science this week. When we went pond dipping we found lots of newts, water boatmen and even a dragonfly nymph! The children have made some excellent predictions this week before all of our experiments and some of our outcomes were quite surprising. Our photos show how much we enjoyed it!

HMS Victory


What an amazing trip! The weather was beautiful and the trip staff were wonderful.

We have learnt so much about the ship. The experts told us about how they went to the toilet (we didn't like that idea), showed us weapons they would have used and that there was only one cook for 800 people!

Big thank you to all the parent helpers. We really appreciate your help :)

Portsmouth Trip - HMS Victory

Sponsored Bounce


We had lots of fun bouncing around to raise money. Thank you FISA. We hope it helps!


Pirate Maps

We have enjoyed creating our own pirate maps as part of our home learning.  We were very creative, drawing different parts on the island such as sea serpents, ship wrecks and buried treasure!  We shared these with our peers and were impressed with the different approaches to our home learning (3D model, picture, Lego and computers).  We hope you like them.

Pirate Day

We started our term with a visit from a real pirate 'Captain Rocky Cliff.'  It was super fun as we got to dress as pirates and complete pirate jobs.

Nativity Play

Nativity Play 1
We did it! We had an amazing performance to all the Mums, Dads, adults and family. Big thank you to all the parents/adults that provided the costumes and spent the time going over and over lines. We couldn't have done it without you. The children really enjoyed this years nativity and we hope you did to!

Class Assembly

Class Assembly 1

What a fantastic year we have had already!

Robin class were excited to share their Great Fire of London news reports, poppy poems, restorative dragon potion instructions and an active dance performance! We are all so proud of what we have achieved so far and cannot wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

The Hampshire Fire Service - We learnt about fire and road safety while having lots of fun!

The Great Fire of London Production