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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Headteacher                                 Mrs Monique Clark

Deputy Headteacher                       Mrs Laura Reid



Senior Administration Officer                Mrs Rosemary Downes

Personnel Officer                             Mrs Louise Young

Administration Assistant                      Mrs Jayne Glennon

Finance Manager                              Mrs Angela Watson

Class Year Teacher Learning Support Assistant
Ladybird Year R

Mrs  Esther Willcocks

Mrs Sarah Smith

Mrs Katie Allaway
Dragonfly Year R

Mrs Helen Hutchison

Mrs Tracey Ginns

Mrs Sarah O'Connor
Butterfly Year R

Miss Kate Armond

Mrs Rachel Perry



Squirrel Year 1 Miss Sharon Housden Mrs Ros McInnes
Hedgehog Year 1 Mrs Jane Tarling Mrs Gill Wish
Fox Year 1

Miss Sally Barnes

Mrs Gemma Gregory

Mrs Clare Hedger
Badger Year 1

Mrs Jane Morris

Mrs Tracy Murphy
Kingfisher Year 2 Mrs Jo Tyne

Mrs Kirsty McPherson

Owl Year 2 Miss Kirsty Grant Ms Leanne Soden
Woodpecker Year 2 Miss Beth Cullen Mrs Jayne Frost
Robin Year 2 Mrs Laura Wood Mrs Andrea Chatt


SENCo                                                Mrs Monique Clark


Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ELSA            Mrs Sara Woodruff


Learning Support Assistants                       Mrs Denise Abbott

                                                            Mrs Ros McInnes

                                                            Miss Erin O'Neill




Caretaker                                            Mr Tony Small

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor                      Mrs Wendy Brimicombe


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants                 Miss T Fitzgerald, Mrs M Hambly

                                                            Mrs S Tschumi, Mrs S Lawrence

                                                            Mrs J Jenkins, Mrs D Foley

                                                            Miss J Francis, Mrs V Andrews

                                                            Mrs J Gardiner, Mrs E Betteridge, Mr D Bentley


Kitchen Staff                                           Mrs J Kett, Mrs P Small, Mrs R Lunn,

                                                           Miss E O'Shaughnessy


Bus Escorts                                         Mrs M Hambly, Mrs M Holland,

                                                           Mrs G Wish