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Our own Tinga Tinga Tales - How Leopard got her Spots


Once in a deep desert there lived a timid leopard… she had no spots and she had black skin. She is timid because other leopards have spots and she does not.

One day she went to a tree. She said hi but the monkeys just ignored her. Leopard went to the waterhole because she was hot. Splish splosh splash. She was tired so she lay on the ground. A snake painted her and when she woke up. Wow! Said the other animals.

By Zac Alford


One sunny day there was a sad leopard. She had no spots. She was timid because she was different to the other animals. She saw the cheeky monkeys but they ignored her. Then she rolled in the mud. She now has some spots and then she dried her body. She was over the moon because she had spots.

By Ella Millard


One day there was a leopard with spots on. She is sad. She is lonely. The monkeys helped leopard. The monkeys painted spots on leopard.

By Michael Sollai


One day there was a timid leopard with no spots. She lived by the waterhole. Then she had a bath. She rolled in the sand. She had spots. Then she wasn’t left out.

By Matthew Grosvenor.


Animals Home Learning

On Friday, we shared our home learning all about an animal of our choice.  We learned so much about many different animals including seals,goldfish, giraffes, orangutans, butterflies and many more.  The children presented their work in a variety of ways including 3D models, large fact posters, boxes with different creatures, booklets, collage and even technology.  We had lots of fun sharing our work with each other. 

Animal Hunt around Our School

As part of our Science topic, we hve been looking at how and why animals (including humans) move.  We went on a hunt around our school to see what animals we could find and how they were moving.  We had to be very quiet so we didn't scare them away.  We saw a newt, snail, spiders, pigeons, squirrels, robins and many more.


This half term we have been learning to play netball for 45 minutes each week.  We have learned skills in how to thrw and catch a ball, dodging, defending, shooting and even playing a 5 a side match.  We are really enjoying learning and playing this sport.


On Tuesday 9th May, we visited Birdworld as part of our topic about animals.  We found out lots of interesting facts about different animals including flamingos, toucans, penguins, owls and parrots.  We had a talk from one of the keepers who taught us about mammals, reptiles and birds.  They introduced the terms carnivore, herbivore, preditor and prey.  We got to see a snake, owl, parrot, tortoise, chinchilla and ferret up close and some of us were even brave enough to touch them.  It was a really fun day and we learned lots about the different animals.

Science Investigations

This term we have taken our Science outside to investigate!  Our Science topic has been 'Pushes and Pulls' and we have conducted different investigations to see how things move in different ways, how pushes and pulls can make things faster or slower and how larger masses take bigger pushes and pulls to move or stop them.  Along the way, we have made predictions, ensured it is a fair test and concluded the investigation with what we have found out.


This half term, we have enjoyed learning some skills needed to play Hockey and even had a mini match on the last session.  In just 6 weeks, we have learned how to hold our sticks correctly, dribble a ball, pass a ball, tackle to get the ball, spin in a circle with the ball to defend and even shoot to score!  Olympics 2028 here we come!

Gymnastics and Wall Bars

This term we have explored different ways of travelling along the beams, mats, floor, benches and wall bars.  We have practiced making shapes with our bodies including; pike, straddle, straight and tuck. Over the few weeks, we perfected these positions and our travelling between these by stretching our bodies, engaging our core and pointing our toes and fingers.  

Outdoor Golden Time

Today in Golden Time, some of us went outside to create an animal home in our woodlands.  We enjoyed working together and using our local environment.

Dips and Dippers

This week we tried different dips and dippers.  We described them using words such as crunchy, sweet, tangy, salty and creamy.  We then worked as a group to make our own Hummus from scratch.   This took lots of mashing and mixing to ensure the dip was smooth and the flavour was evenly spread.  We really enjoyed our home made Hummus.


In computing, we have been creating the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using a program called '2Create a Story' on Purple Mash.  We drew illustrations and then added sentences.  After that, we explore adding animation and sound.  Our stories looked and sounded really good.

Remember you can access Purple Mash from home using the class login!


We have really enjoyed learning to play the Ukulele this half term.  We have learned so much in such a short space of time.  We rehearsed 3 songs and put on a performance for parents on Monday 13th February.  Here are our performances.  We hope you enjoy them because we did!

Ukulele 1 new.mp4

Still image for this video

Ukulele 2.m4v

Still image for this video

Ukulele 3.m4v

Still image for this video

Space Woodland Hunt

We started our research on planets by searching for the planets around the woodlands.  We had to make sure we found them all and then put them in order.  The children were so excited and really engaged in their task.   They worked hard  in their teams to  ensure they found all the planets and had no duplicates!

Our Space Dress Up Day

We all looked fantastic for our Alien and Space dress up.  Thank you for all the effort made.

Filled Pittas

As part of our design and technology, we have enjoyed designing and making filled pittas

Capacity Dragon Potion

As part of our learning around capacity, we followed instructions to create a dragon.  We carefully measured out each special ingredient, including Red Fire water and Green Swamp water, and left it by the light of the moon.  When we arrived at school the following morning, 2 dragons had appeared in our classroom! smiley 

Fireworks and Poppy Week


This week, we created some lovely art work and poetry around fireworks, Autumn Time and Remembrance Day.  We hope you like our work.

Small World Play and Descriptive Writing

This half term, we have enjoyed exploring the small world play.  We role played different scenarios, gave the characters names and described what we could see.  We then wrote some descriptive sentences about the small world.  We are really pleased with our writing.

Exploring the Small World Play