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School Meals


From September 2014 all pupils in Year R, Year 1 and Year 2 in state funded schools in England have been eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals.  These meals are funded by the government with no payment required from parents.


Although all infant aged children are now entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals, if your family is in receipt of specific benefits, the school will receive extra funding for your child by way of separate Free School Meal funding.  This is called ‘Pupil Premium’ money and will be used directly to support your child in their learning. Please make sure you check your eligibility as this is an entitlement which will be of benefit to your child in their education. To check if you are eligible, please visit the government website.

Voluntary Contributions for Visits, Visitors and Events 2016-17


Parents can now pay their voluntary contributions annually or termly, rather than as the activity takes place.  For 2016-17 the voluntary contribution remains at £12 per term i.e. £36 per year.  Although the word 'voluntary' is used we do rely on the money being paid by parents so that the visits can go ahead and we hope that parents will recognise the need to pay for trips and activities their children take part in.


If your family is eligible for free school meals because you are in receipt of specific benefits (as explained under 'School Meals' above), you will not be expected to pay for any activities as the cost will be met from the Pupil Premium allocation. You will however need to register for this and check your eligibility. Please use the link above or contact the school if you need further information about applying.



Payment Options


Parents may choose to pay by cheque (payable to Hampshire County Council), by cash or on-line through Tucasi School Cash Office accounts.


Please ensure you select the appropriate 'Trips and Events' tab from the drop down menu and the appropriate year.