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The Governing Body

Welcome to our Governors’ section


Who are we?

Our Governing Body is made up of 12 people, drawn from different parts of the community, including parents, staff, the local authority and the wider community.  Everyone brings their own skills, perspective and experiences to ensure we have a diverse team.


What are we responsible for?

  • offering a strategic view of the running of the school by reviewing and agreeing policies, targets and priorities and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives;
  • accountability to parents and the wider community.  We must gather views, ask questions and decide what is best for the school;
  • supporting and challenging the headteacher (critical friend) through a mutual relationship of trust and respect. The Governing Body works with the headteacher to create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing a school.


We do this by holding regular meetings as a whole Governing Body and in committees.  The headteacher regularly updates us on all aspects of school life and we make regular monitoring visits linked to the School Improvement Plan.


Curriculum Committee

This committee receives reports on the progress and attainment of all children across the school and  vulnerable groups.  Governors receive subject reports from staff who come to meetings to share information as well as look at progress towards areas of the School Improvement Plan which fall within the curriculum remit. In a recent structural change, this committee has absorbed the responsibilities of the Community Committee i.e. to look at attendance and absence issues, health and well-being and engagement with parents and the wider community. 


Resources Committee

Governors on this committee discuss and share information linked to finance and the school budget as well as personnel. Again in a recent structural change, this committee absorbed the remit of the Premises Committee i.e. concerns with health and safety of the children and people in school as well as health and safety linked to the buildings and grounds.



Please find below details of how our Governing Body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

ParentGovernors' Details for the Academic Year 2016/2017 

Name Category Appointed by

Term of Office

(no. of years and

end date)



Hannah Hall Parent Parents 4 - 10.3.21



Karen Bean Parent Parents

4 - 12.12.20


Antony Bridges Parent Parents 4 - 8.12.18


HTPM Panel

Chair of Governors

Forum Rep

Monique Clark Headteacher    



Safer Recruitment


Mark Cosgrove Parent Parents

4 - 12.12.20


Gavin Evans Co-opted GB 4 - 6.7.19


Vice Chair of Governors
Rosemary Feltham Co-opted GB 4 - 24.11.18


Pay C/Tee

HTPM Panel

Sheila Hughes Co-opted GB 4 - 24.11.18


Pay C/Tee

Safer Recruitment Trained


Angela MacDonald Co-opted GB 4 - 16.5.20


Pay C/Tee

HTPM Panel

Training Liaison Governor

Nicola Poynter Co-opted GB 4 - 12.12.20



SEN Governor
Jenny Roberts LA LA 4 - 24.11.18



Chair of Curriculum

Safer Recruitment Trained

Child Protection Champion

Jo Tyne

Associate (full committee voting)

GB 1 - 30.09.2017 Curriculum  
Louise Young Clerk        
Vacancy Staff Staff 4    
Vacancy Co-opted GB 4    


Register of Governors' Interests for the Academic Year 2016/2017


Name of Business


  • governor elsewhere (please include school name)
  • related/married to member of staff (please include staff name)
  • employed at school
  • financial interests

Nature of


Nature of Interest

Date of


or Acquisition

Date of


of Interest

Date of Entry
Stephanie Archer Nil         13.09.2016
Antony Bridges Nil         13.09.2016
Jane Cox Employed at the school     April 2012   13.09.2016
Gavin Evans Nil         13.09.2016
Rosemary Feltham Nil         13.09.2016
Adam Frydland Nil         13.09.2016
Sheila Hughes Nil         13.09.2016
Angela McDonald Nil         13.09.2016
Nicola Poynter Nil         13.09.2016
Jenny Roberts Nil         13.09.2016
Jo Tyne Employed at the school     January 2015   13.09.2016
Louise Young Employed at the school     February 2012   13.09.2016



Governor Attendance Record for the Academic Year 2015/2016

Name Number of meetings governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%) Number of meetings governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%) Number of meetings governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%)
Stephanie Archer 7 6 85% 5 4 80%      
Jane Bass 7 7 100%       6 6 100%
Antony Bridges 7 7 100% 5 5 100% 6 6 100%
Jane Cox 7 7 100% 5 5 100% 6 6 100%
Gavin Evans 7 7 100%       6 5 83%
Rosemary Feltham 7 7 100%       6 5 83%
Adam Frydland 7 7 100%       6 3 50%
Sheila Hughes 7 6 85% 5 5 100%      
Angela McDonald 2 2 100%            
Chris Moore 3 3 100%       2 2 100%
Nicola Poynter 7 6 85% 5 4 80%      
Jenny Roberts 7 7 100% 5 5 100%      
Jo Tyne 7 5 71% 5 5 100%      
Louise Young 7 7 100%            



Number of meetings governor

should have attended

Number of meetings


Attendance rate


Number of meetings governor should have attended Number of meetings attended Attendance rate (%)
Stephanie Archer       3 2 66%
Jane Bass       3 3 100%
Antony Bridges            
Jane Cox 5 5 100% 3 3 100%
Gavin Evans       3 3 100%
Rosemary Feltham 5 4 80%      
Adam Frydland       3 2 66%
Sheila Hughes 5 4 80%      
Angela McDonald 1 1 100%      
Chris Moore 2 2 100%      
Nicola Poynter 5 5 100%      
Jenny Roberts       3 3 100%
Jo Tyne            
Louise Young            

Pen Portraits



Antony Bridges


My name is Antony Bridges and I was elected as a Parent Governor in 2014 and took on the role of Chair of the Governing Body at the beginning of 2016. I am a member of the Curriculum and the Resources Committees.

I have worked in management in the NHS and I am currently a business group leader in a large science and technology business in Farnborough. My background is in organisational psychology. I believe this experience allows me to bring a different perspective to the Governing Body and helps me add value to both the committees and the wider Governor activities.

I support a number of local groups. I am a committee member of Friends of Oakley Park and an Assistant Leader for a local Beaver Scout Colony.

My first child has now left Fleet Infant School but I am looking forward to my second attending in a few years time.


Jane Beasley


I am currently the Interim Headteacher at Fleet Infant School whilst the governors are in the process of recruiting a new head. Since I have been at Fleet Infant School (5 years) my role has changed from class teacher, Year leader and Deputy Headteacher, to this current post. I am enjoying the fact that I have a more strategic role and can make a few small changes, especially around engaging our parents and informing them more effectively about their child’s learning in school.

I recently moved to Hartley Wintney, which I love and am really enjoying my new home, especially the shorter commute to work. I have 3 children 21, 24 and 27 who are a big part of my life even though two of them are now based in America.




Gavin Evans


I was co-opted to the Governing Body in 2015 and Chair the Resources committee, as well as being Vice Chair of Governors. I am married with one child, who is currently attending the school. I work in finance as an analyst for an electronics company and have previously been a councillor at Hart District Council. I do not have a background in education and am very much providing a layperson's point of view. I am proud to be involved with such a well-run school and enjoy helping them to continually improve what is already an outstanding education for our children.

Rosemary Feltham


My name is Rosemary Feltham and I am a co-opted Governor. I have lived in Fleet for over forty years and have been involved with many community groups and charities. At present I am a trustee and treasurer of the Fleet, Crookham and Crondall Welfare Trust.


I thoroughly enjoy contributing to Fleet Infant School Governing Body and visiting the classrooms to observe what excellent work is being done to develop the learning experiences of the children. At present I am a member of the Resources Committee. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to support a school, which offers such a high quality of education in a safe and caring environment.


Sheila Hughes


I am a co-opted member of the Governing Body and have been connected with the school for the last 5 years. I am a member of the Curriculum committee.

I have spent many years in Music in Education and latterly I was an international music examiner for Trinity College London and still keep a connection with them by marking international theory papers.

I am very pleased to be connected with the school, which provides care and encouragement to all the children.


Nicola Poynter

My name is Nicola Poynter and I have been a Parent Governor at Fleet Infant School since December 2012. I have lived in Fleet since 2007 and both my boys started their school career at Fleet Infant School. I am a product manager for a global organisation, mainly working from home. I aim to bring elements of this to my role as parent governor (challenging assumptions, refining plans, and summarising data trends).

I am proud to be involved with the school and very much looking forward to supporting the school in everything they do to provide such an excellent learning environment for the children in their care.


Jenny Roberts

I am Jenny Roberts and have been appointed as a Local Authority Governor for Fleet Infant School. I am chair of the Curriculum committee. I have a background in education, having taught in primary and nursery schools in this area for 30 years. I then became Local Authority Education Advisor working with Nursery and Infant schools in Berkshire. I am an accredited moderator of The Early Years Profile and continue to work in this role as a consultant.


I have now retired from full time work but I do volunteer work for the RSPB as well as taking art classes and pursuing my interest in art and dance.


Jo Tyne


My name is Jo Tyne and I am an Associate Member on the Governing Body. I have worked at Fleet Infant School as a Class Teacher for the last two years. However, I have been a part of Fleet Infant School for many years. I have two girls, Megan aged 18 and Georgia aged 15 who both went to Fleet Infant School. I started volunteering, as a helping mum when Megan was in Year R and eventually became an LSA. I then went back to college to train to be a teacher. I thoroughly enjoy walking and have two dogs. I also enjoy cooking and baking and spend as much free time as I can in the kitchen.


Louise Young

My name is Louise Young and I am the Clerk to the Governing Body. I also have two part time roles in school as Personnel Officer and Senior Admin Assistant. Prior to working at school I had been a governor for 11 years.

I have always enjoyed being able to make a positive contribution to the running of the school. I have three boys aged 24, 21 and 17 all of whom went to Fleet Infant School and who have benefited from such a fantastic start to their education.