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Trip to Marwell Zoo

Trip to Marwell Zoo 1
Trip to Marwell Zoo 2
Trip to Marwell Zoo 3
Trip to Marwell Zoo 4
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The children visited Winchester Science Centre to investigate forces. We went into the Planetarium to learn about the stars and had lots of fun playing with the exhibits.

Winchester Science Centre Trip

Winchester Science Centre Trip  1
Winchester Science Centre Trip  2
Winchester Science Centre Trip  3
Winchester Science Centre Trip  4
Winchester Science Centre Trip  5
Winchester Science Centre Trip  6
The children have been learning how to program beebots. First, we learnt the function of each of the buttons. Then, the children drew their own beebot worlds and navigated beebot from one destination to another using the correct algorithm.

Computing Beebots

Computing Beebots  1
Computing Beebots  2
Computing Beebots  3
Computing Beebots  4
Computing Beebots  5
Computing Beebots  6
Squirrels have had a great half term learning about Fairytales. We have been writing instructions and character descriptions using Jack and the Beanstalk and Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood drama

Squirrels have been learning about Queens in History. We dressed up as Kings and Queens, looked at artefacts from Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I time and thought about how objects such as coins, telephones and pens have changed through time.
Squirrel Class have made jam sandwiches to help us to write a set of instructions. The children really enjoyed this as they got to eat their sandwich afterwards. Yum!