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Birworld leaflets


Squirrel class have worked incredibly hard this term producing leaflets to inform visiters to Birdworld about the birds. They visited Birdworld and researched a particular bird, learned about how leaflets are organised and thought about how prepositional language or conjunctions such as 'and' or 'but' helps them to describe their animals. We sent these off to Birdworld for them to have a look! Here is just a small selection of our wonderful work! 

Space inspired art

Squirrel class have been ispired by our recent topic on space and travel to create some art work. We learned about the artists Degas and Ludek Pesek to help us create chalk planet pictures. We found out how to use light and shade to ensure our planets looked round. We then made some papier mache planets and painted them carefully to match the planets in our solar system. We had so much fun getting messy!

Clay pots

For our art topic we learned to make clay tea light holders out of clay. It was very messy but lots of fun!  When they dried we painted them bright colours and sprinkled glitter. We then gave them as presents to someone in our family.

Autumn and Fireworks poems

We used an Autumn and Fireworks experience day to inspire us with our writing. We thought about how our senses would recognise Autumn or Fireworks night and wrote poems about them. We thought about interesting noun phrases to help our poems come to life!

Year 1 Science Project - Plants

This half term in Squirrel class we have been exploring plants and seeds. We have learned that all plants can be organised into special groups. We learned some names for plants in our outside area and then went on a hunt to find them. Then we thought about its features which helped us to know we had found the correct plant. We have also looked at and sorted different seeds and were asked lots of different questions to think about such as 'does the bigger the seed mean the bigger the plant?' and 'is a pea a type of seed?'