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Welcome to Butterfly Class!


Class Teacher: Miss Armond
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs O'Connor



We have PE on a Friday.

Our Library day is on Tuesday.  







Class Trip 


We had a great class trip to the Gordon Brown Centre. When we arrived we learnt that there had been some strange sightings and noises at the Centre and the instructors believed it could be a Gruffalo!


We had to gain the trust of the animals so that they would help us to find the Gruffalo. We created dens for them to live in using sticks and leaves and then found lots of their favourite food - pinecones!


We then went on a hunt to find the Gruffalo in the woodland. We had to find lots of different clues to find the mouse, owl and snake who finally helped us find the Gruffalo!  


Lots of us then enjoyed meeting the different animals at the centre including goats, donkeys, rabbits, chickens and pigs! 

Miller's Ark Farm


We had some very special visitors join us last week in our Year R outside area. Farmer Chris bought in some farm animals for us to meet including goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys and geese. He told us where the animals live, what they eat and we asked him lots of our own interesting questions! Our favourite animal was called Mischief (a baby goat) because he kept escaping from his cage and he was also very cute!

Fur, Fins and Feathers!


We began  this topic by thinking about what animals make good pets. We sorted pictures of different animals into wild animals and pets. Lots of us thought it would be great to have a pet tiger or lion but quickly realised that hey have very sharp teeth!


We then shared pictures of our own pets from home and talked about how we look after them, what the animals can do and where they live. We then made a class bar graph to show which pet was the most popular - someone in our class has 100 fish (we didn't add all of these!)


We then created posters about different pets which explain how to look after them. We are getting very good at sounding out new words and using our key word spellings!


On Friday we got to meet Miss Armond's pet guinea pigs (Pepsi and Squash). This was a very exciting (and quiet) day! We learnt about what they eat, where they live and how to keep them clean. We also got to have some guinea pig cuddles and I think lots of the children went home wanting their own pet guinea pig!

Squash and Pepsi's visit to school!

Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 1
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 2
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 3
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 4
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 5
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 6
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 7
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 8
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 9
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 10
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 11
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 12
Squash and Pepsi's visit to school! 13

Easter Hat Parade! Well done - all of the Easter hats looked incredible! Have a lovely Easter Holiday.


We have had a great half-term learning all about toys. This children enjoyed bringing in their favourite toys from home and talking about why they liked them with their peers. We then mysteriously found some old toys and talked about the similarities and differences between our toys and the old toys. A lot of the children said they preferred their toys now!





Let's Celebrate!


This half term the children have enjoyed finding out about different celebrations that take place throughout the year.


We began our topic by thinking about New Year's Eve and created our own New Year resolutions. We watched different firework displays and then recreated our own firework pictures using a range of media.




The children then received a special invitation from Kipper to join him at his Birthday Party. However Kipper was not very good at planning Birthday Parties so he needed the children's help. The children created decorations, wrote invitations and made Kipper birthday cards ready for his party. They then decided what Party food they wanted to have and wrote their own shopping lists.  We then went to Sainsburys and bought the food ready for our party. The children really enjoyed searching each aisle for different items, finding out how much each item cost and watching the items get scanned. We then enjoyed Kipper's Party on Friday the 1st of February, even though Kipper was stuck in Scotland due to the heavy snowfall!




On Monday the 4th of February we had a special visit from a Chinese Workshop.The children performed a traditional lion, dragon and ribbon dance and even learnt how to speak some Chinese! This was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and there were lots of smiles all morning!




Sainsbury's Shop and Kipper's Birthday Party

Christmas Celebrations


We have had a very busy few weeks at the end of this term having lots of Christmas Celebrations. The children had a great time at our Christmas Party and looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers and clothes! During our Christmas lunch the children found the jokes inside their crackers very funny especially "What do snowmen eat for breakfast?" "Snowflakes."! We even had a special visit from Father Christmas and we sang him the song 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' which he really enjoyed to hear!


As part of our People who Help Us topic we read the story 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We then decided to write Christmas letters to our families and we walked to a local post box to send them home. We hope you have all now received your letters in the post!


We hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!



Children in Need Ramble. Thank you very much to everyone who sponsered us. We had lots of fun on our walk - especially when we jumped through the puddles!

Dance Day 


On Wednesday we enjoyed creating a dance to the song

'Singin' in the Rain.' The children enjoyed creating lots of their own dance moves and learning a routine. We then performed our dance to Dragonfly and Ladybird class and they were very impressed with our dance moves! 

Picture 1

Heathland Walk


This week we went on a walk around our school's heathland. We enjoyed putting on our wellies and exploring the natural environment. The children looked for signs of Autumn and took a picture using an iPad of what they found. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Meet The Teacher: Please find attached the powerpont presentation from the meeting that took place on Thusday 13th September. Information regarding homework, classroom expectations and parents evening can be found within the presentation.

We have all had a very busy first week at school! The children have enjoyed exploring our classroom and outdoor enviroment and becoming familiar with all of the exciting learning opportunites that are on offer!