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Year 2


  • Some more children have been completing their reading rainbows at home.  Congratulations! Please find below the next rainbows for you to use. Below is the orange and yellow reading rainbow as well as the green and blue ones.

Year 2 - Week 2 of Keeping Active

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Another very active week for some of our children. Great job Year 2! Here are the videos we received from some very energetic children with hopping, jumping and dribbling :-)

Year 2 - Weekly Sports

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Well done to everyone that completed some sport's challenges this week. Here are the videos we received from some very energetic children with great balance :-)

Dancing Dexter!

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Miss Armond has managed to get Dexter to show off all of his tricks to one of our active dance songs. Lots of chicken was used to help film this video! We hope it brings a smile to your faces. :)

Colin the Schnauzer.mp4

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Miss Grant has filmed Colin the schnauzer and pieced together a little video to make you smile.  I hope it does blush

Mrs Tyne's dogs showing their skills!

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Ranger (3 years old) is the Golden Retriever, Bear (3 years old) is the German Shepherd and Toby (10 years old) is the Lhasa Apso.


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I think Doris felt a bit left out! She has a very impressive skill to share with you all! Love Miss Soden

Please only spend between 20-30minutes on each subject per day. 

You know your child and if they are coping and would like more, you can extend them with some problem solving or extra writing.  Equally, if your child is struggling please don’t feel the need to complete everything. 

The most important thing is that your children and yourselves feel calm and happy, hopefully with some learning happening each day.  Physical and mental well-being is most important at this difficult time.

BBC Bitesize have some great lessons on their website to support our curriculum so please feel free to use this resource too to support or enhance our weekly units.

Transition sheet following Class video calls on Thursday 25th June

Please email these across to your class teacher smiley
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Personal Development Learning - Week Beginning 6th July 2020

At Fleet Infant School, we follow the SCARF teaching and learning program. They have kindly put together some weekly activities that will focus on children’s physical and emotional health and how we can look after this, particularly at this time of uncertainty and anxiety.  I hope these help. They change each week so please check in!


In addition, Harold’s Daily Diary is particularly valuable for younger children -  though it’s enjoyed by older children and adults, too!

English - Week Beginning 6th July 2020

The Year 2 have decided to change the way we deliver our planning to the Year 2 children who are unable to attend school.  We understand that a lot of time has passed since Year 2 were at school and some children are becoming disengaged with their learning.   All Year 2 teachers are now teaching full time in school but continue to plan and support those children at home, answering emails and responding to their work  and will continue to do so.  However, by changing the way in which learning is delivered we hope to reengage and motivate children learning at home.  Oak National Academy is supported by the Department for Education to provide education for children at home and in school.  The lessons are designed to be undertaken by children without detailed support from parents.  We have chosen to use Oak National Academy because it follows a teaching sequence used in our school so children will be familiar with the style and format of learning.   Each week we will add a schedule of lessons to the website with a summary of the focus of each lesson. Please see below for schedule and links for each lesson.  The links are not always supported with internet explorer so it may be best to use chrome, safari or another browser.


Even though the lessons are only 20 minutes long, they are intense 1-1 lessons so should not be longer.  Home learning involves different timings and this should be thought about for your children learning at home.  Also the children are encouraged to pause the video along the way as they are writing or completing a task so the total lesson time would be nearer 30-40minutes.


Additional task – write a setting description about a new place using your imagination - remember to use some of the skills and language choices you learned last week.  Send them to your teacher so they can see the great skills you have learned from last week's lessons.


We have added some additional challenges below, based on this week and last week's learning.


Remember, if you finish quickly and your child would like do more, they could challenge themselves to do some free choice writing using any of the genres we have looked at (story writing, letters, instructions, diaries, newspaper reports etc).  Remember to use all the features of this writing and to use lots of rich vocabulary to engage the reader (adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs) as well as different punctuation. 

English Overview

English Overview 1

Maths - Week Beginning 6th July 2020

As the English was successful for many of the children last week (thank you for the kind feedback) we have decided to use the Oak National Academy for some maths lessons this week.   The lessons follow the format of a quiz to start to recap previous knowledge, a 15 minute activity followed by an activity sheet(s) and ending with another quiz to see what has been learnt.


We have added some mental maths, additional work on this week's focus and problem solving. 


This week we are continuing to learn about measures, capacity and volume and solving word problems. Tuesday’s lesson involves the children using their knowledge of number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and linking this to derive related facts to 1000. This is quite a tricky lesson so you may wish to practise number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 first so that your child is secure with these before completing the lesson.


If you and your child would like to do more work, remember to ensure they have mastered all the maths taught this year, especially mental maths (number bonds - adding and subtracting, times tables - multiplication and division, linking these to fractions) as well as telling the time and measures. 


Extra challenges - Below there is a link to the nrich website which provides a range of rich maths tasks that help master an area of maths and allows for deeper thinking and reasoning. 

Picture 1
Picture 1

Art - Week Beginning 6th July 2020

These lessons will stay up now until the end of term smiley

Spanish Lessons

Science Lessons - Linked to A Tale of Two Feathers

P.E Challenge - Week Beginning 6th July 2020

July challenges are on the page before this.  Please give them a go and of course you can send this in on a video to us too!  Don't forget to email your scores across to them for your certificate.



Additional Activities



  • Daily reading of school/home/library books, comics or books on line.
  • Daily spelling practice.  Please use the lists for all year groups on the English page of the school website. Just write these on paper or in a note book.
  • Write a sentence which includes one or more of your spellings.  Remember to use your best handwriting.  Try and include these in your sentences - adjectives, adverbs e.g. quietly, softly, conjunctions e.g. but, so, because, however, interesting vocabulary (Year 2).
  • - lots of stories for the children to listen to and ideas for follow up activities.
  • Purple Mash has numerous writing frames which children can print off and complete at home.  A link for this site can be found on the home learning links page of the website.  If you can't print, you can take ideas from the website and do your own page.
  • Kids' Zone on the website has lots of phonics games, spelling games and a story activity.
  • Write a story or keep a diary of things that you do.
  • Year 2 could have a look at, username march20, password home - this is now a free resource.   Try the activities in Phase 6.


Twinkl Resources - this website has lots of resources which teachers use in class and will now be available to parents.  You can search for reading comprehensions (Year 1 and 2), maths activities and other activities linked to the children's current topics ( see the curriculum ideas for each year group lower down on this page).  Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS 



  • Daily practice of mental maths targets.  These can be found on the maths page of the school website.
  • Maths skills practice - concentrate on games which cover addition, place value, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Education City (link on home learning links page of the website)
  • Kids' Zone on the website has a number of games to practise basic skills.  
  • All year groups to look at maths challenges and problem solving.  These can be a verbal discussion and do not always need to be recorded.  A variety of problems are available through the Twinkl website (detailed above)
Arithmetic Practice Booklets - these are for Year 2 children who are still finding the mental maths facts tricky but could be used by Year 1 children too.