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Year 1

Here are some ideas for you to try and do at home whilst school is closed.  We are not expecting you to do them all but do try to read, do some writing and a bit of maths every day.

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Picture 1

Science Activities - Under the Sea

  1. Investigate amphibians What kind of features do these animals have?
  2. Write a list of the features that make an animal an amphibian.
  3. Play a game with an adult. They say the name of a type of animal and you use your list of features to decide if it is an amphibian or not.
  4. Now look at the similarities and differences between mammals and amphibians.

The Book of Hopes

Below is a link to a beautiful book by the National Literacy Trust called 'The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort and Inspire Children in the Lockdown'.  It is a digital book and is completely free for all families. It is a collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures by famous children's authors and illustrators.


  • Daily reading of school/home/library books, comics or books on line.
  • Daily spelling practice.  Please use the lists for all year groups on the English page of the school website. Just write these on paper or in a note book.
  • Write a sentence which includes one or more of your spellings.  Remember to use your best handwriting.   Can you include an adjective e.g. cold, happy, beautiful and conjunctions e.g. and, but, because 
  • - lots of stories for the children to listen to and ideas for follow up activities.
  • Purple Mash has numerous writing frames which children can print off and complete at home.  A link for this site can be found on the home learning links page of the website.  If you can't print, you can take ideas from the website and do your own page.
  • Kids' Zone on the website has lots of phonics games, spelling games and a story activity.
  • Write a story or keep a diary of things that you do.
  • Year 1 could have a look at, username march20, password home - this is now a free resource.   Play games for Phases 3,4 and 5


Twinkl Resources - this website has lots of resources which teachers use in class and will now be available to parents.  You can search for reading comprehensions (Year 1 and 2), maths activities and other activities linked to the children's current topics ( see the curriculum ideas for each year group lower down on this page).  Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS 



  • Daily practice of mental maths targets.  These can be found on the maths page of the school website.
  • Maths skills practice - concentrate on games which cover addition, place value, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Education City (link on home learning links page of the website)
  • Kids' Zone on the website has a number of games to practise basic skills.  
  • All year groups to look at maths challenges and problem solving.  These can be a verbal discussion and do not always need to be recorded.  A variety of problems are available through the Twinkl website (detailed above)
Here are some maths activity suggestions which cover each area of maths.  Most are fun games to do which do not use a computer so have fun!
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Other activities you may like to try...