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Fleet Pond

We had a super morning at Fleet Pond and were very lucky with the weather.  We had a peaceful walk through the woods, leading us to 'Sandy Bay.'  Here we took time to observe the human and physical features of the pond, listen to the sounds around us, think about the wildlife and why it lives there as well as build a theme park for the ants living there, using all natural resources.

Hillier Gardens

What a fantastic day we had at Hillier Gardens today! The weather stayed dry and we even managed to eat outside!  We enjoyed pond dipping and having some of our questions answered; How can we tell the difference between a male and a female newt? How does a dragonfly nymph move in the water? How long do the dragonfly nymphs live for? How does a pond skater eat?


After a walk through bambo and across a wobbly bridge, we hunted under logs and in the long grass for minibeasts and looked at how quickly some of them could move.  We found woodlice, millipedes, ladybirds, spiders, colourful moths, crickets, grasshoppers and many more.  Later, we  made homes for these creatures, thinking about shelter, protection from predators and the weather.


It was a  brilliant day and we are looking forward to writing some recounts and a review for their website!  Some may even appear on our website too! Scroll down to see these.



Class Treat

We have had a brilliant half term and completed our Secret Agent Training.  To celebrate our hard work, we enjoyed working collaboratively to build dens and eating delicious pancakes with fruit and syrup.


We absolutely LOVED having the ducklings come to stay with us from eggs through to being 10 days old.  We saw them grow inside their eggs by candling the egg, watched them hatch and then grow (quite big) over the 10 days.  They enjoyed splashing in the water and diving through.  sometimes we even got splashed! 


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We all learned to play 'Yellow Submarine' on the ukulele this week, we enjoyed exploring how to change the sound of the instrument by experimenting with different chords and strumming patterns. We then performed this song as a class with some children singing and others playing the ukulele.

Pond Dipping

On Monday, we went pond dipping and found newts, water fleas, water boatman, pond snails, pond weed, damselfly nymph and dragonfly nymph.  Both ponds were 8 degrees.  We thought about why the animals choose the heathland pond or school pond as their habitat.  How does the habitat provide for the animals' needs? Does the habitat have enough shelter from predators? Does the habitat have the right food for them?


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World Book Day

Look at our super costumes... we definitely look like our book characters.  Can you guess who we are? 

Picture 1

Messages Home

After a long time, working aboard Captain Grant's vessel, the new crew wrote letters home to their families.  We posted them and hope they have arrived home safely.

Pirate Maps

We have enjoyed creating our own pirate maps as part of our home learning.  We were very creative, drawing different parts on the island such as 'River Doom,' 'Dead Man's Cave,' 'Rocky Island' and 'Skull Rock.'   We shared these with our peers and were impressed with the different approaches to our home learning (3D model, picture, Lego and computers).  We hope you like them!

Pirate Day

We started our term with a visit from a real pirate 'Captain Rocky Cliff.'  It was super fun as we got to dress as pirates and complete pirate jobs. 

Tinsel and Tea Towels

Tinsel and Tea Towels 1

Owl Class Treat

We have worked really hard as a whole class this half term to earn our class treat.  We loved decorating biscuits and then eating them afterwards smiley

Is an egg shell strong or weak?

We put this to the test.  As a class, we agreed that egg shells are weak as we could break them easily.  After testing them, by placing heavy dictionaries on top of them, we found out that they are stronger than we thought.

Dragon Delivery

Dragon Delivery 1
Dragon Delivery 2

Something strange arrived in Owl Class after half term..  After lots of predicting what could be inside the box, we finally met our little, red, friendly dragon.

Meet Ruby Rex!

In our English lesson we wrote questions to ask Ruby, which we punctuated with question marks. We then wrote her answers as statements, punctuated with full stops.

Also in English, we have written instructions for how to look after a pet dragon! and then we created a potion to help Ruby Rex regain her energy and powers to return to her family.  This included some very odd and rare ingredients.

In out Science learning we have made containers for Ruby to live in. We were challenged to think about the best materials to make different parts of the containers. We had to think about somewhere for her to sleep, bath, eat and stay dry. We selected materials and gave reasons for our choices. Have a look at the photos below to see some of our learning.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

A Newspaper Report - Great Fire of London

A Newspaper Report - Great Fire of London 1

The Great Fire of London Workshop


Today, we started our Netball lessons.  We are learning to work in a team as well as develop our throwing and catching skills, sportsmanship and perseverance.  We really enjoyed session one.