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Pirate Day

We started our term with a visit from a real pirate 'Captain Rocky Cliff.'  It was super fun as we got to dress as pirates and complete pirate jobs. 

Tinsel and Tea Towels

Tinsel and Tea Towels 1

Owl Class Treat

We have worked really hard as a whole class this half term to earn our class treat.  We loved decorating biscuits and then eating them afterwards smiley

Is an egg shell strong or weak?

We put this to the test.  As a class, we agreed that egg shells are weak as we could break them easily.  After testing them, by placing heavy dictionaries on top of them, we found out that they are stronger than we thought.

Dragon Delivery

Dragon Delivery 1
Dragon Delivery 2

Something strange arrived in Owl Class after half term..  After lots of predicting what could be inside the box, we finally met our little, red, friendly dragon.

Meet Ruby Rex!

In our English lesson we wrote questions to ask Ruby, which we punctuated with question marks. We then wrote her answers as statements, punctuated with full stops.

Also in English, we have written instructions for how to look after a pet dragon! and then we created a potion to help Ruby Rex regain her energy and powers to return to her family.  This included some very odd and rare ingredients.

In out Science learning we have made containers for Ruby to live in. We were challenged to think about the best materials to make different parts of the containers. We had to think about somewhere for her to sleep, bath, eat and stay dry. We selected materials and gave reasons for our choices. Have a look at the photos below to see some of our learning.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

A Newspaper Report - Great Fire of London

A Newspaper Report - Great Fire of London 1

The Great Fire of London Workshop


Today, we started our Netball lessons.  We are learning to work in a team as well as develop our throwing and catching skills, sportsmanship and perseverance.  We really enjoyed session one.