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Sea Shanties

As a group, we wrote our own versesw for the sea shanty “What shall we do with a drunken sailor?” or "The Pirate Song." 


We then performed the sea shanty to the class.


We hope you like them! smiley


(hopefully will be added soon but the files are too big!)


As part of our Literacy about pirates, we went outside to experience different aspects of life at sea. We listened to the sound of the sea in shells, scrubbed the decks and we climbed the rigging. We also felt and tasted salty water.

We then generated a mind map of describing words to help with our writing to describe a day in the life of a pirate.


On Tuesday, we received a message in a bottle from Pirate Pete.  Alongside this was a treasure chest, an eye patch, a hat and a hook.  We are looking forward to helping Pirate Pete this term smiley

Twisted Tales

Here are a few of our twisted tales.  We hope you like them smiley

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Picture 6


It has been an exciting week in Owl class as we have been writing our twisted tales and making hand puppets to go with them.  We tried out different ways to join 2 pieces of felt so we could find the best way.  Most of us thought that sewing them was the best as it looks neat, feels soft and is very strong.  Do you like our puppets?

Dragon Delivery! 

We were told that Mrs Clark had ordered something for Owl Class to help us with our new topic, but when we saw the box we noticed that it was empty and it looked like something had escaped! We thought that it must be a dragon! We went on a dragon hunt around school and finally found a red, cute, baby dragon reading a book in our library! 

Meet Ruby! 

We suggested names for the dragon and voted as a class to choose our favourite - the most popular name was Ruby.  In our English lesson we wrote questions to ask Ruby, which we punctuated with question marks.  We then wrote her answers as statements, punctuated with full stops.  

Also in English, we have written instructions for how to look after a pet dragon! 

In out Science learning we have made containers for Ruby to live in.  We were challenged to think about the best materials to make different parts of the containers.  We had to think about somewhere for her to sleep, bath, eat and stay dry.  We selected materials and gave reasons for our choices.  Have a look at the photos below to see some of our learning.  

Arts Week (and Perseverance!)

This week is Arts Week at school, where we will be creating some artwork linking to Fireworks Night and Remembrance Day.  We started the week by making clay poppies. Before we started, Mrs Reid said that when she was making her poppy she had to really persevere!  We spoke about what this meant, as it is one of our targets on our 'Climbing a Tree to a Better Me' and we talked about why it is such an important skill in all our areas of learning.  When making our poppies we persevered and worked hard to keep smoothing over the clay.  We were really proud of our efforts and now we are just looking forward to the clay poppies drying so that we can paint and glaze them! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Ukulele performance

Thank you to those of you who came to watch our performance, having an audience to share our learning with really helps us to work towards a purposeful and meaningful end outcome.  Mr Higgins and all the adults at school were very proud, as I am sure you were too. 


Burning Our Houses 


Still image for this video
Great Fire of London - Home Learning Houses

Pond Dipping

As part of our Science Longitudinal Study we have been pond dipping.  We are comparing the creatures and plants in natural Heathland pond with the man built pond in the woods.