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This term we have enjoyed having Sarah in to teach us different Netball skills. We have learnt how to throw and catch using our 'butterfly' hands. We have also been practising team work and working together during a mini tournament. It has been really fun!


Wheeled Vehicles

Wheeled Vehicles 1
Wheeled Vehicles 2
Wheeled Vehicles 3
Wheeled Vehicles 4
For our Design and Technology unit, we thought about different ways you can travel. We decided to create our own vehicle with moving wheels. We learned how to create a basic vehicle with wheels that moved on an axis. We then tested them outside in the playground to see how well they moved. Here are some of our finished products!


Forces 1
Forces 2
Forces 3
As part of our Science learning this term, we took part in lots of different investigations that showed us how different forces work. Our favourite investigation in Fox Class was the Stomp Rockets! We had to test the rockets by applying different amounts of pressure to see what made the rocket go higher. We then had to explain what we thought was happening. It was a lot of fun!

Space Day

Space Day 1 Space Day in Year 1
Space Day 2 Space Day in Year 1
Space Day 3 Space Day in Year 1
Space Day 4 Space Day in Year 1
Space Day 5 Space Day in Year 1
Space Day 6 Space Day in Year 1

As part of our Topic, Year 1 took part in a Space Day. We came dressed as different things that related to Space. What fantastic costumes!


We used our costumes to write descriptive sentences. We then role played visitng space as our characters in the role play area we created ourselves. This helped us to set the scene for our 'Space Walkies' stories. You can sample our stories in the library!

Winchester Science Centre


This term, Fox class has been taking part in Ukulele lessons. We are learning how to hold and play the Ukulele correctly. We have been having lots of fun with it!

Firework and Autumn Poetry

We created some fantastic poetry around Firework night and Autumn. We used noun phrases to help us write our poem and help the reader imagine in more detail. Please have a read of our poems below, they really are winderful!

Place Value.

This half term we have been using different equipment in the classroom to help us count. We have done lots of different activities that involve us representing a number using Diennes, Numicon, Counters, Counting Beads and Counting Animals.

Counting and Representing Numbers

Counting and Representing Numbers 1
Counting and Representing Numbers 2
Counting and Representing Numbers 3
Counting and Representing Numbers 4