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DT - making moving vehicles


For this unit of work, we were challenged first of all to have a try at making a moving vehicle independently.  We had a go and found that lots of us tried to make wheels, but we could not get them to move or stand up.  In our evaluations we decided that we needed to learn how to make the wheels turn, how to make sure the wheels can hold the weight of our vehicle and that we need to decorate them to make them look more like a vehicle.

In the next lesson we learnt about axels and wheels and worked in teams to make our own.  We also drew our designs for what we want our vehicles to look like.  We chose our own vehicle, such as a bus, a lorry, a super car and a Jeep!

Finally we made our own vehicles.  It wasn't always easy but we persevered and showed good resilience!  The children decorated their vehicles independently and showed good creativity.  When we evaluated our final product, lots of us felt proud of the improvements we had made. 

The Christmas Art afternoon was a great success! Thank you to all the adults who turned up to help their child in Badger Class. The snowmen and christmas trees looked spectacular by the end of the afternoon. The event definately showed off lots of artistic flair from both children and adults alike.

Badger Class have really enjoyed finding out lots about castles this half term. We have enjoyed learning about battlements, a portcullis, arrow loops and drawbridges. We have worked hard making our castles with moving hinges and parts.

Badger's Fireworks Dance Day

In our first half term we have enjoyed lots of learning!  It has been a busy half term.  We have retold fairytales, written instructions for making jam sandwiches, found out about Queens, learnt new ways to practise our number bonds and lots more!  Here are some photos to show our learning.